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Zombex News

Zombex writer/director Jesse Dayton & actor/punk icon John Doe pictured in the Austin Chronicle for Zombex’s Austin premier at Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Horror Fest on Halloween weekend!


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More Gore From Housecore Horror

More Gore From Housecore Horror
New film fest adds more classics plus a locally lensed premiere

With NoLa metal master Phil Anselmo and Texas true crime writer Corey Mitchell cracking the whip at the new Housecore Horror Film Festival, it’s no shocker that the Louisiana-set, Austin-filmed debut from Jesse Dayton, post-Katrina revanant mutilator Zombex, is part of today’s new list of features for the new fest.
Austin’s freshest (make that only) hybrid horror/metal festival has already announced its musical line-up, including headliners Gwar, Down and Goblin, so now it’s time to fill out the film side of this mutant melding. Today, 14 more titles join opening night anthology The Profane Exhibit bloodying up the screen, with plenty more to come.
Dayton’s movie will be one of several world premieres at the fest announced today, along with Canadian monster flick Big Fucking Monster aka Alarming. Talking to an exhausted but excited Mitchell on Tuesday night, he said, “It’s ridiculous, man I’m so happy with the quality of films that people have sent in.” He was particularly thrilled to get BFM, the latest feature from veteran TV makeup FX master Ryan Nicholson (The X-Files, Blade.) Mitchell said, “That’s where he makes his money, and then spends it on these super-underground horror films.”
As for Zombex, Dayton had been promising an Austin screening for Halloween, and now the movie will be unleashed for the first time at Housecore.
It’s not just conventional and underground horror movies making the list of 14 titles released today. Both Anselmo and Mitchell have brought their own particular proclivities and tastes to bear, starting with the tribute to classics that are getting the Hollywood make-over (watch for the original versions of Carrie and Australian psychic shocker Patrick) under the banner of Fuckin’ Remakes. But that’s not where the vintage horror ends. Anselmo has added LSD-addled cannibal cruiser I Drink Your Blood to his Phil’s Grindhouse Selections strand, while the festival has snagged and tagged Birth of the Living Dead, Bob Kuhns’ exploration of the global cultural impact of a micro-budget horror called Night of the Living Dead.
Documentaries will be a major part of the festival. As part of Mitchell’s own thread, Corey’s Crime Scene, there’s true crime feature Stranglehold: In the Shadow of the Boston Strangler. And color us blood red and excited for Death Metal Angola, which puts the spotlight on the unexpected music scene in one of Southern Africa’s most beleaguered nations.
With plenty more films yet to come (plus some special guests and archive screenings that will rip your cinematic guts out) Mitchell is hoping that the fest may just find the next truly groundbreaking underground horror. That’s why he’s deliberately steered away from the titles that are getting big buzz on the festival circuit already. He said, “Every one’s going to be picking them up, every one’s going to be shown, so we wanted to give a shot to the independent film that might never get a shot.” For him, Housecore has to be about the underground heroes. He said, “Stuff that you see in the multiplex is just crap, and you need to know that there’s guys who are really into horror and rejecting CGI and embracing practical effects, and telling quality stories.”
Housecore Horror Film Festival runs Oct. 24-27 at the Emo’s/Antone’s complex. Here’s the full list of films confirmed today.
Art/Crime (Canada, 2012)
D: Frédérick Maheux, 104 mins, Regional Premiere
A documentary about violence, horror, censorship, and legislation on the web. In 2009, Remy Couture, a special effects makeup artist from Quebec, was arrested by the police in front of his home and would be later charged with obscenity and corruption of morality. Montreal’s police was responding to a complaint regarding pictures coming from his website Inner which had been freely circulating on the Web. Art/Crime discusses violence, fiction, and censorship in movies but also in the loosely regulated environment that the Web still represents. The documentary allows many, like movie director Nacho Cerda, Robert Morin, and Patrick Senechal to present their thoughts on the matter.
Big Fucking Monster (Canada, 2013)
D: Ryan Nicholson, 90 mins, World Premiere
For college student Josie Kane, it starts as a simple internship – to shadow a group of high-tech land surveyors as they make their first foray into an ancient wilderness. Assisted by grizzled security guard Dale Philip, the crew knows how to handle protesters and saboteurs – but there’s something much, much worse in the woods this time. The local natives say the land is cursed – haunted by a demonic entity older than time. Now people are going missing, turning up dead or worse, and Josie and the crew are about to discover the truth behind the legend. The most alarming horror is the one you never see coming!